Omkarananda Kamakshi Devi Mandir

Vasant-Navaratri Celebrations in Omkarananda Ashram Himalayas
30th March to 7th April 2006

Omkarananda Ashram Himalayas celebrated Vasant-Navaratri from 30th March to 7th April 2006 with full fervour. The Pandits of Omkarananda-Kamakshi-Devi Mandir conducted this festivity in the Yajnashala of the sacred temple.

Every day powerful prayers and
additional Hawanas
were conducted.
From left to right: 

Kumari Somashekhari, Swami
Satchidananda, Sanjay Panditji,
Suresh Panditji, Swamini 

Vidyaprakashananda and
Swami Vishveshwarananda

The most auspicious rituals commenced in the morning of 30th March at 7 a.m. with Panchanga Pooja and Kalasha Sthapana, in which the holy Kalasha was installed along the chanting of hymns. This grand event was followed by Devi-Maha-Abhishekam followed by Mandapa-Devata Pooja, Yantra Pooja, Chandi Pooja and Guru Pooja. The last morning ritual was Chandi Parayana that concluded with Arati, Bhog and distribution of Prasadam for the devotees and invitees.

In the evening Pooja was conducted for all Deities. Mahaganapati Hawana was performed after Agnimukham.

Kumari Somashekhari offers Arati to Gurudev
Swami Omkarananda, Durga Maa 

and all other Gods and Goddesses
Swamini Vidyaprakashanandaji offers Arati 
during the Navaratri-Celebrations

From 30th March to 6th April 2006, daily in the morning at 8 a.m., Panchanga Pooja, Devi-Maha-Abhishekam, Yantra Pooja, Durga Saptashati Parayana were devoutly performed, followed by Arati, Bhog and distribution of Prasadam.

In the evening, after the Poojas for all the Deities, a special Hawan was performed every day for all Deities, namely Ganapati, Mahalakshmi, Rudra, Chandi, Durga, Guru and Tripurasundari.

On 6th April 2006, Ram Navami, a special Bhajan and Dance Programme was performed by Kumari Somashekhari and her students to worship Devi. A separate report of this sparkling event is given in the following.

Many Ashram-Devotees took part
in our Navaratri-Celebrations
with great enthusiasm

On 7th April morning, Vijaya Dashami, the Navaratri Celebrations were concluded with Sarva-Devata Pooja, Devi Pooja, Agni Mukham, Sarva-Devata Hawana, Navavarana Hawana, Chandi Pooja and Homa, Maha Purnahuti, Kanya Pooja, Suvasini Puja and Devata Visarjana. The Hawan on this day lasted for hours and was very impressive. Swami Vishveshwarananda, Swami Satchidananda, Swamini Vidyaprakashananda, Swami Narasimhulu and Kumari Somashekhari took part in it, and many guests watched the Hawan with enthusiasm. Swami Vishveshwarananda, President of Swami Omkarananda Ashram, performed the auspicious Purnahuti with great devotion.

After completion of the Purnahuti, nine small girls (Kanyas), were worshipped as Goddesses with Puja, Arati, Prasadam etc. Beautiful gifts of various items were presented by Kumari Somashekhari to those children.

Kumari Somashekhari worshiped nine Kanyas and offered beautiful gifts to them.

After the Puja the Kanyas enjoyed special Prasadam.

Swamini Vidyaprakashananda honoured an elderly married Lady, whose husband is alive, a "Suvasini", with Puja and gifts.

In the end all received the Prasadam in the form of Bhandara and thus the Vasant Navaratri concluded. Everybody taking part in it, deeply felt the unforgettable powerful spiritual vibrations of this beautiful event in Omkarananda Ashram Himalayas.

Report by Dr. Doraisamy