Omkarananda Kamakshi Devi Mandir

Extra Special Yagnas, Pujas and Prayers
on 27th and 29th December 2009

Every day in the evening very powerful Yagnas were conducted additionally in Omkarananda-Kamakshi-Devi Mandir in honour of Gurudev Shri Paramahamsa Omkarananda Saraswati. The Yagnashala was glittering with differently coloured lights and the loudspeakers transported the holy vibrations of the wonderful prayers towards the Himalayas.

Altar of Gurudev at the Yagnashala


Suresh Panditji, Sanjay Panditji and other Priests of Omkarananda Ashram performed 
daily in the evening time special Hawanas for Paramahamasa Omkarananda Saraswati